All clad immersion blender review || Should You All clad immersion blender In 2021

All clad immersion blender review it is an impressive immersion blender also known as a hand blender or stick blender has superior versatility and unsurpassed efficiency. The blenders are known as stick or handheld blenders due to their stick-inspired design that makes it easy for you to hold them in your hands and blend right away making your work efficient and faster.

Introduction to clad immersion blender

Its powerful motor blends foods in seconds, from thick milkshakes and homemade mayonnaise with the quick work of countless food preparation tasks. You can rely on this immersion blender for efficient kitchen work and assistance.All clad immersion blenders can be used for blending and pureeing everything from blending big batches of soups and sauces to chopping nuts. The blender also features an extra-long 9 1/4″ driveshaft that reaches into deep bowls and pots helping you for deep reach and clean blending.

All clad immersion blender

All clad immersion blender

All-clad immersion blender made up of stainless steel provides the Variable-speed dial and turbo buttons that help to give you precise, adjustable control facilitating you for perfect blending texture. The powerful motors guarantee the ability to blend a large number of ingredients without any lumps left behind. The sleek and cozy design of the blender makes the grip easy and comfortable despite the heavyweight.


Features of all clad immersion blender

1.Motor/ Power:-

The all clad immersion blender features a big, brawny motor of 600 watts that delivers outstanding performance. With this power, it has established itself competitive in the market. You can blend down delicate food items like cream, mayonnaise, smoothie, along with fibrous items like coffee beans, celery, ice, etc. And prepare any recipe easily. You can count on all clad immersion blenders with their power and performance for your kitchen assistance.

2.Speed and control settings:-

Unlike most of the other immersion blenders, the all clad immersion blender features variable speed option and control settings that provides infinite settings from low to high. The blender gives you ample speed options for processing and preparing a wide variety of foods.

The variable speed control on the All-Clad is in the form of a dial that sits on top of the handle. Two soft touch buttons can be located in front of the handle. The top is a turbo mode that gives an extra burst of power and the bottom is the power/pulse button. 


The all clad immersion blender also features a 9.25 inch wand/handle made up of stainless steel. The length of the handle is enough to reach the depth of the larger pitcher, soup pot, or mixing bowl. 

The wand is attached to the motor unit with a simple twist and lock system using a hard plastic coupling. They can be easily removed for cleaning. The blender is designed for ergonomic comfort which is also easy to hold and control. 


The all clad immersion blender is comparatively built larger than most of the home-use immersion blenders. The extra length of the handle keeps the hand further from hot soups and recipes while blending them.

The body and shaft of the blender are made up of stainless steel and look durable. The top third of the shaft is covered in black plastic that gives you the easy grip and control for blending right away. The All-clad immersion blender comes in two different styles where one is available with a cord and the other one is cordless.

5.Easy use and cleaning:-

The blender setup does not require much assembly. The base simply twists onto the top piece and lock/unlock icons make it easy for you to figure out how you can connect the two. Similarly, you can just charge the blender and use it right away. You need to use it at one-minute intervals.

You can clean the blender after using it every time to prevent clogging. For cleaning the handle, you can wipe it with a damp cloth but remember not to place it under running water as the motor should not be exposed to water.

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Pros and cons of All-clad immersion blender

Pros & Cons

  • -Variable speed settings plus turbo setting
  • -powerful 600 watt motor
  • -9.25 inch (23.5 cm)wand
  • -2 year warranty
  • -Dishwasher safe
  • -BPA free
  • -Cordless
  • -high end price tag
  • -Complete charging hours is 2-2.5 hours were fully charged blender run time is 6-9 minutes
  • -No pan guard

Should you buy the cordless All-clad immersion blender?

In our opinion:- You can consider the All-clad immersion blender If you’re a chef or a pro home cook, as it is a premium heavy-duty product, perfect for a busy kitchen. The All-Clad immersion blender is a premium stainless steel stick blender that features a 600-watt motor with five-speed settings and can operate continuously for 9 minutes.

But you need to take into consideration a few things before buying the All-clad immersion blender. A blender cannot be a suitable choice for different types of people and their kitchens, so you need to understand the type and functionality of the blender before buying it. 

  • The blender is non-durable and unsanitary in use due to few major construction falls
  • The build quality score is lower than average because of reported failures of the locking mechanism, and the drive shaft and blade assembly.  

Technical information of All clad immersion blender

Product Dimensions17.25 x 3 x 3 inches
Item Weight2 pounds
ColorStainless Steel
Customer Reviews4.5 out of 5 stars

All clad immersion blender review

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In this article,we have provided you with the basic introduction, features with pros and cons of the All clad immersion blender review based on research and relevant facts which is available on the internet. We have summarized all the important information from different sources to make it easier and helpful for you in your decision-making. 

If you want to buy an immersion blender, you need to make a detailed study about its features and mechanism before making your decision. Although the All-clad immersion blender has a premium price tag, attractive features, and powerful performance, it still has a defect on its construction which needs to be studied before buying it We hope the provided information was readable and useful for you. You can visit our website topblenders for more informational content.


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