Are Food Processors and Blenders the same? || Food Processors Vs Blenders

Are food processors and blenders the same a most raised curiosity by the consumers is that if food processors and blenders are the same as we all know these both are the most used primary kitchen appliance? They are almost considered the same due to their function of mixing ingredients together, having rotating sharp blades to chop the food items, monitoring settings, clean bodies, etc.

They are both in existence to save our time and make our work more easier and convenient. But you cannot consider them correspondent or exchangeable as they have structural and mechanical differences which can be less noticed but are a major source of difference between them. We may think all food processors and blenders perform the same task and are a similar thing but it’s completely opposite in reality.

Are food processors and blenders the same
Are food processors and blenders the same

Therefore We need to be very careful and well literate about the difference between the food processors and blenders as their function varies. so we need to choose something according to our needs. At first glance, they seem to share a lot of similarities but that’s not the truth.

They differ from each other regarding various factors so it’s better for you to read and learn about its differences and features before you make a decision to buy one. Selecting the right appliance would be worth the price and it can contribute to your utility. So we tried to get you a little help in choosing appropriate appliances regarding your needs by explaining the major difference between the food processor and blenders in a simple language. Let’s learn about them in brief:-

What is a food processor?

A food processor is an all-rounder kitchen appliance that is primarily used to chop food/ vegetables, knead dough, blend ingredients and also mix things to prepare a batter or a cream. But most importantly we need to know that the same food processor cannot perform all these tasks.

It depends upon the type of blades we are using. You can add or switch the blades anytime according to your needs. The food processor has a wide work bowl/container with an s-shaped sharp blade in the bottom. It uses a rotating gear to function its various accessories which include the different blades for slicing, grinding, chopping, blending, etc.

It can simply work with dry food ingredients or something liquid including preparing a dough or a batter. You can just switch a blade and use it for an all-around function. You can also switch upon the speed to prepare the required size of chopped items. 

What is a blender?

A blender is a modern electric appliance which is being popularly used in our kitchen to save time and get the work done with less time. Its main function simply includes blending, mixing, crushing, whisking, etc. A normal blender has a plastic container and rotating blades on the bottom similar to a food processor although they have different mechanical functions. A blender is mainly used as a mixer for liquid or semi-liquid ingredients.

A standard blender is not always able to crush hard solid ingredients as their normal blades are a little blunt to work with solid items so their main function is to blend liquid ingredients. But they can also perform other different tasks with the exchange of blades.

You can use a blender to prepare breakfast for your whole family or just a coffee/milkshake for you and your children. You can prepare many other items like a cream or puree soup. Some highly advanced blender like immersion blender allows you to blend ingredients in the pot itself which has become the greatest revolution in the appliance production industry.

Difference between a food processor and a blender: 

Though these both appliances look similar in glance and function in a similar way, they are very much different in particular mechanism function therefore it is better for you to learn the basic difference between them so that it would become easier to select the right one for your kitchen. You can consider some primary things related to both of them to divide their differences. 

We tried to explain some main differences between a food processor and blenders in the table depending on their basis of difference, below so that it could be easier for you to understand the concept:

Basis of difference
Food processors


Blades shape
Blades in most of the food processors are S-shaped which is the best option for chopping meat or Vegetables/fruit as well as crushing hard nuts and frozen ingredients.
Blender blades are most commonly X-shaped or star shaped having four blades attached together which is perfect to blend the item properly. Some blenders also include wing blades for hard ingredients to make frozen smoothies or cocktails.
MotorThe motor of the food processor is less powerful and still can be able to crush the solid food items.
Motors used in blenders are more powerful than the food processors which results in faster blade rotation and create a smooth finish.
Sharpness of blades
A food processor uses a rigid and razor-sharp blade which can easily chop or slice the food items.
Blenders commonly have a little blunt blade which are not as super sharp as a food processor so they are primarily used for processing liquid ingredients and puree.
DesignFood processors are designed to process a wide variety of food items including solid as well as semi-solid items.Blenders are mainly designed to blend or mix liquid related ingredients and cream and wet items too.
Food items
You can make plenty of items in both the food processor and blender like dressing, nut butter, but some items you cannot make in the food processor are soup/puree,smoothie etc.You can make soup/puree as well as smoothies in a blender but you cannot make chopped/minced Vegetables or shredded cheese in blenders.


We primarily discussed the major differences between a food processor and a blender in the above article. We focused only on the main points so that it would be useful for you to easily understand the concept of food processors and blenders. We prioritize short and concise writing so that the readers won’t have any kind of problem in understanding the concerned subject. We hope the above-provided information about the difference between a food processor and a blender was understandable and useful. You can also visit our main website for further inquiries regarding food processors or blenders.

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