Bamix immersion blender reviews || Bamix G200 Gastro Pro-2 Professional

Bamix immersion blender reviews it is an hand-held blender also known as a stick or immersion blender with a unique open-cage design that isn’t as powerful as a countertop blender, but it can be more convenient. It is known as a hand-held or sticks blender due to its shape having a 7.5 cm long wand/stick type structure which is designed to hold the blender in hand. It is possibly not a low price blender but this immersion blender’s ability to create smooth purees, its overall ease of use, and its well-designed extras make it worth the price. 

Bamix immersion blender

Bamix immersion blender

Bamix is the original maker of hand blenders based in Switzerland that has been manufacturing immersion blenders for over 60 years. They have been popular for making high quality blenders. It has 200-watt motor and most importantly, this is the only blender to provide a lifetime warranty also known for high-quality build and versatile performance. The Bamix hand blender comes with three interchangeable blades but no other accessories.


Bamix is also the only one with a cage blade guard design, making it the most efficient and With all these positively unique features, the Bamix Immersion Blender is undoubtedly one of the best hand blenders you can get at this price. So, whether you’re a  professional chef or a home cook  Bamix can be your compatible kitchen assistant. It assists you with versatile and efficient performance leaving no complaint behind.

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Features of Bamix immersion blender: 

1. Motor and speed controls:-

The Bamix immersion blender comes with a 200 watts motor and 2 speed settings. The speed can reach up to 10,000 Rpm to 15,000 Rpm. The speed is enough for blending/chopping down the regular ingredients in our kitchen. The speed can be adjusted easily according to the ingredients and blending requirements. 

The motor of 200-watt may not be considered as a powerful motor compared to other high end immersion blenders,it is compatible, competitive, and efficient for blending. Maybe they are more than efficient due to the presence of blade guards’ cage design and the well-engineered blades. 

2. Heat-resistant:-

Unlike most of the other immersion blenders competitive to Bamix immersion blender, this blender comes with heat-resistant features due to its build with heat-resistant nylon and brass. 

The Bamix immersion blender can blend even on hot surfaces and blend hot soups/ sauces as its motor doesn’t overheat quickly in comparison to other immersion blenders. So, the blender can also be used continuously several times a day without any problem. 

3. Blades attachment:-

Bamix Immersion blender provides you with 3 unique blades attachments that are used for different purposes that also make the Bamix a versatile immersion blender. Importantly, the blades aren’t sharp as knives which alternatively benefits you with the time course as the sharp blades possibly become dull after continuous use where this can’t be a problem with Bamix having a somewhat blunt blade.

As of three blade attachment, the first blade also known as aerating blade can be used for egg whites, creams with also soups, and shakes while the second one is a blending blade made for blending drinks, salad dressings, and mayonnaise, etc. And the third blade also known as the chopping blade is used for raw or cooked vegetables, sorbet, jam, and even ice. 

4. Ease of use:-

In the case of operating a Bamix blender, you don’t need any expertise or technical knowledge as it has an ergonomic design. It consists of only two buttons to adjust the speed which can be easily understood by any user.

The most important part of the design is that the ergonomic grip fits nicely to your palm, and both speed buttons are properly located for a comfortable finger position. So, you can quickly change speeds without having to adjust your grip.

5. Warranty:-

The warranty period of Bamix is also one of the remarkable features provided by the brand as most of the brands offer only a one-year warranty, with rare two- or three-year expectations where Bamix warranty is pretty interesting. 

Bamix provides you with a total of 10 year warranty on their blender which may be kind of unbelievable but yes it is the truth. Furthermore, Bamix has focused their efforts on engineering a reliable AC motor, and they’re finally confident in offering a longer warranty where they provide a lifetime warranty on their motor along with the 10 year warranty of the whole blender.

Pros and cons of Bamix immersion blender

Pros & Cons

  • 2 speed settings
  • 3 interchangeable stainless steel blades for multiple purposes
  • Heat resistance blending shaft
  • BPA-free material
  • 10-year long warranty with a lifetime warranty on motor
  • Easy of use
  • Quiet
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Premium price tag
  • Hard to crush ice

Should you buy the Bamix immersion blender?

In our opinion: Yes, you should consider the Bamix handheld blender as it is a good and compatible blender for professional use as well as household use and it looks & feels very well-built, durable, and strong. 

But you need to consider few things before making your decision regarding the Bamix immersion blender:

  • The Smoothies are foamy and chunky.
  • It takes a long time to blend ice.
  • The blender is not dishwasher safe

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In this article, we briefly explained the Bamix immersion blender, its features, pros & cons, and things to consider before buying it, which we hope to be helpful in your decision of buying an immersion blender. Bamix is a high end blender built with high quality that features a 7.5 inch long wand and 200 watts motor with 2 speed settings. It is very important for you to know every important detail regarding a blender before buying it.

Our article is based on research through different sources and is based on relevant facts only so you can rely on us trustfully. We also focus on short and concise writing to make it easier for the readers to understand the topic. So we hope the provided information was understandable and useful. You can visit our main website for further queries.

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