Best Blenders America’s test kitchen 2021

When we discuss something about the kitchen, blenders never miss out. It might be a huge kitchen or just a small partitioned kitchen beside your room, you need a blender.

No matter what you want to use a blender for, be it for preparing a puree for a soup, whip up your salsa, or just grinding nuts you need a blender. 

Now that we know we need a blender, the next step is to buy a good blender and this might be the most confusing thing anyone can encounter. So by considering this fact, we will help you to acknowledge the best blenders America’s test kitchen, you want for your home. 

We will also discuss what makes a blender best for your kitchen. We have researched and tested a vareity of blenders available in the market and hand-picked a few blenders according to their power, design, price, and a lot more. 

Our picks

1. Vitamix 750 Blender

If you want to purchase something that is top of the line and you have a very good budget to fulfill it, you should not settle for anything else than Vitamix 750. 

Even though these best blenders America’s test kitchen does not look attractive it does a pretty good job while considering its performance and has become a status symbol for many professional chefs and serious home cooks alike. 

It makes the smoothest soups, frozen pia Coladas, and, yes, smoothies, using preprogrammed settings. Margaritas come out exactly like the ones you get from your favorite Mexican cantina machine. It also comes with a seven-year warranty, which is a fantastic bonus. Just keep in mind that with the jar in place, it may be a touch too tall to fit beneath a cabinet on your counter.

2. Breville Hemisphere Control

Another best blenders America’s test kitchen on our list is Breville Hemisphere. This blender is third the price of Vitamix yet not the cheapest one in the market. We would like to suggest this blender if you are someone that is looking for a blender especially if you are a morning smoothie person. 

It has a preprogrammed 60-second settings that automatically pulse and pull down the blending items and you do not have to take extra effort to stir or tamper down the globs. You will know how much time is left for the blending process to when you use one of the settings they will show a count down. 

Additionally, this preprogrammed setting makes smoothies in a velvety texture and the container is very easy to fill up as it has measurement markings and pour from the spout is extremely focused. 

3. FusionBlade Die Cast Digital Blender

Getting into more affordability we have come up with another best blenders America’s test kitchen blender which is FusinBlade Die-Cast Digital Blender. This is one of the toughest blenders there is in the market.

We were totally amazed by its performance as it can even pulverize the strongest and toughest ingredients you throw into a blender. It can easily pulverize kale into smithereens which is one of the toughest berries. In addition, it can easily crush ice cubes and frozen berries. 

The blender is made up of solid aluminum and it will not walk all over your countertop when it is whirring. It is also dishwasher safe. For this price range, it is one of the stylish and powerful blenders. 

4. Oster Versa Pro Series Blender

Oster Versa Pro  Blender is one of the latest and top breeds of more affordable high-powered performance blenders. While comparing to any other similar priced blenders, it has a powerful 1400 watt motor with speed variations and runs more quietly. 

It is one of the few best blenders America’s test kitchen that comes with a tamper for bursting air pockets in smooth thick texture. With has a decent height and capacity that will fit better on a counter under a cabinet. Having a big jar is always a boon when you are preparing something for the whole family. 

This blender has a user-friendly design and has serious blending skills with a powerful and stylish design. They also give a solid seven-year warranty so you should not worry much about its longevity. 

CleanBlend Blender

The final blender in our best blenders America’s test kitchen is Cleanblend Blender. It has a powerful 1800 watt motor. This powerful motor can smoothly pulverize ice and berry seeds creating a texturized creamier smoothies and pina Coladas than any other expensive blender. 

This blender offers a durable jar that is made of thick Tritan plastic and has a comfortable grippy handle. On the contrary, this blender does not have preset buttons and does not have speed options but can easily produce a smooth texture. 

Cleanblend has been in the blending game since 2013 and still delivering the best performance and staying at the top amongst many top blenders company. It also offers a five-year warranty which will ensure the reliability of the blender. 

Buyers Guide 

Purchasing the best blenders America’s test kitchen is sometimes a journey. A journey that gets really confusing and tricky at times. There are variable of things that you need to consider. It might just be price, power, or any other factors which we will be discussing here.

Why we have labeled it as a buyers guide is because these are the main things that you consider while buying any product. This buyer’s guide not only can be helpful while you purchase a blender but can be used for purchasing any electronic items. 

You might have a question about what makes your blender best. They are the mix of things that makes a blender good. Your blender should be easy to clean, easy to operate, and many more. 

Many kitchen and fitness enthusiasts go for blenders which are used in the American test kitchen for their day-to-day household and fitness purposes.  

While going for a durable and reliable purchase glass jar blenders might be a little more expensive than a standard blender but you can expect their usability in the long run. However, it is also known that the longevity and performance of the blender are directly proportional to its cost. 

If you are looking for a kitchen workhorse then you must consider such a machine that can tackle everything from hot soups and sauces to thick frozen concoctions then a high-powered full-size blender is the best blender. 

Nevertheless, you should spend on one depends on exactly what you will use it for and we have breakdown few considerations that will definitely help you with your best purchase. 


The most obvious part you need to consider before purchasing Blender is the price. You need to recognize the budget you also need to know that the best blenders America’s test kitchen can range from $50 to $100. 

Buying a cheap model could end up being useful in a few spans of your purchase, therefore you need to consider something that gives you value and saves your pocket at the same time. You should know how much you should spend on one depends on exactly what you will use it for. 

Jar Size

Another key factor you need to consider is the size of the Jar. Not only the jar size it is sometimes the mixture of jar and blade length, its position, the shape of the mixing jar, and the motor strength. 

A larger jar size will help you blend a lot of ingredients and save you a ton of time and effort. This might depend on the size of the family. If you are a family person then consider buying a larger container blender and if you are single you could go for a small size container blender.

In addition, we would also focus on the quality of the material used to make your Jar. It is always best to buy BPA-free glass-based jar containers. BPA-based glass jars are durable in nature and it also does not contaminate the food you are trying to blend. Make sure you avoid plastic-based jars which are not known for their hygiene. 


The motor might not sound like an important factor but it is the most key factor. You might have a big jar, a stylish blender but if you don’t have a powerful motor, it is a totally a waste of money. A powerful motor blends all the ingredients with ease and in less time which will save all your time and effort. 

It is always important to buy a powerful blender because you never know what kind of food you will require to blend in any period of your life. 


Having a good warranty period for your best blender Americas test kitchen is always a plus point. Blenders are not 100 percent perfect electronics and You might face any kind of problem and you might not even know how to solve those problems yourself. 

Having a warranty will assure your purchase as you will be able to get different kinds of support even after your purchase. Therefore you need to consider buying a blender with a warranty.

How We Researched

First of all, we did a brief research on what people are buying and searching on the internet. From the personal reviews to mass reviews we selected and listed these blenders first. We judged each particular blender based on its everyday performance such as preparing hot soups or making thick frozen smoothies. 

We also checked whether these blenders could emulsify eggs and oil into mayonnaise and also pulverize nuts into making a perfectly smooth butter. In each blender, we researched whether it could make textured smoothies from frozen fruits, berries, kale, and coconut water. 

And all these judgments were also considered according to the preparation time. The preparation time could be identified by the power of the blender, speed control ability, etc. A good blender can be a handy tool for making pulverized sauces such as hollandaise, vinaigrettes, mayonnaise, and caesar dressing and all these will depend on the power. 

Another important thing we tried to sort these blenders was according to their price and comparison with the functions and performance factor offered by every other blender available in the market. 

Additionally, we acknowledged how difficult or easy each blender was to clean, is it dishwasher safe, how much noise it produced, its overall weight, and whether any of these blenders produced a burning smell when the blending process is carried out. 

By saying these, we hope you are able to trust us without any doubts. We will also put our best recommendation for your best blender Americas test kitchen below. 

Our Top recommendation

So our top recommendation for best blenders America’s test kitchen is Vitamix 750. The Vitamix 750 is not only our recommendation it is the top recommendation of more than 90 percent of blender reviewers and kitchen experts also in America’s test kitchen. 

The Vitamix 750 offers the top-level performance that you can get for your kitchen. This blender has been one of the favorite blenders picks since 2014. Not only that, Classic Vitamix has remained the standard for pro chefs, blender enthusiasts, and America’s test kitchen. 

This blender can be consistently performing at the top of the pack in many of the reviewer’s tests and has come up with top-recommended blenders among multiple experts due to its smooth purees and emulsified food more elegantly than any other blenders. 

We found this blender’s changeable speed dial to be the best amongst the blenders we reviewed. You can start your blending task in a lazy slow manner and slowly increase the speed according to what you are blending. 

Another key detail we want to add is its glass jar which is BPA free which means you will not encounter any contamination in your food. In addition, its stainless steel blade is also of top-notch quality. 


We want to conclude this review by saying that any blenders you choose from our list will do you a good job. We have also kept a serious buyer’s guide to help you understand your pick. All those factors really matter if you are serious about making a good investment in your kitchen. 

After all when it comes to your kitchen appliance, what matters the most is that it works perfectly for your daily household cook and not just how a chef or a kitchen show endorse the product. 

We hope you will make a perfect purchase pick by reading our review. 

You can more valuable content related to blenders if you are interested you can check our other content on our website. 

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