Do blenders destroy nutrients ?

Do blenders destroy nutrients Let me first explain to you how the rotating blades of blenders work:-
Blenders are a kind of mixer or liquidizer consisting of a blender container with a rotating metal blade on its bottom which works to crush, mix or emulsify food ingredients either solid or liquid. It is an electronic device that works with the help of electricity to rotate the motors helping to run the blade on the bottom of the container. It is a versatile appliance that is widely used in the kitchen and laboratory as well.

The concise and short answer is that the blades of a blender don’t normally destroy the nutrients unless it gets exposed to oxygen and heat. many vitamin nutrients of the ingredients get broken down in case of overcooking (over blending).

Do blenders destroy nutrients ?
Do blenders destroy nutrients?

Let’s know about it in more detail:

Whenever you add an ingredient and start the blender, the motor starts resulting in rotation of the sharp blades which chop the ingredients into pieces. Therefore the circular whirring motion of blades creates to break down the cell walls of the ingredients. Thus the outcome fluid contains both liquid ingredients and oxygen exposure. This results in the nutrient level of the ingredient diminishing more rapidly if it got heated too. The longer you blend the ingredient the more nutrients particles break down and lose the essential nutrients contained in the ingredient. Therefore you may not be able to gain enough nutrients after the bending process. But it is not always compulsory as the breaking down of nutrients only speeds up if it gets heated.

Summary: If you want to gain the same nutrients as much as you get from fresh fruit, it’s better either you eat it raw rather than blending or eat the blended ingredient as soon as possible because You can lose more nutrients if you keep the blended ingredient for an extra course of time as we will explain you more in the article about Do blenders destroy nutrients.

Advantages of blender:-

A blender is a versatile appliance used to make soup, smoothies, shakes, mayonnaise, crushing seeds, and ice sometimes. As we know, there are many kinds of blenders available in the market specializing in their features, so we will only discuss the advantages of a simple standard blender.

1.large capacity:

A simple blender comes with a 2 liters TRITAN jar which can hold a huge amount of ingredients. But in some cases, blenders are also provided with different capacities of a jar for providing convenience in blending.

2.versatile use:

Though being a simple blender, it can still be used to prepare many items in the kitchen. It can blend liquid ingredients as well as semi-solid ingredients. you can prepare juice, milkshake, smoothies as well as cocktails and soup.


When trying to blend something may take a long course of time, a simple whirl of a blender can be as simple as that in just a few seconds. It saves a lot of your precious time.

4. Ease of cleaning:

The Jugs & jars of the blenders are removable with blades, which makes it easiest to clean with less mess around.

5.All in one:

A simple blender alone can replace the work of various kitchen appliances like a whisk, juicer, mixer, etc. Therefore you can get rid of spending money on a single-purpose appliance.


A simple blender is not very much expensive. Investing your money in buying a blender can never be a regret. If you need a reasonable situation to invest in a blender, you can carefully think about the above-mentioned points.

Disadvantages of blenders:-

We all are aware that everything has pros and cons and it’s the same with blenders too. No man-made thing is perfect on this planet. Since you need to know about the cons of a blender before buying one for you, Let’s get going with learning some disadvantages of the blenders.


Even having a simple motor to rotate the blades, can create much more noise than expected. Since it can be more irritating to work with a blender.

2. Difficult to operate

Operating blenders can be a difficult job for some uneducated people as the instructions are also given in a foreign language. It can lead to some unexpected damage or accidents.

3.Not able to crush hard items

Not all ordinary blenders can crush the hard items as they are only made for soft and liquid ingredients. The blades can be destroyed in case of trying to blend hard items.

4.messy to clean

Sometimes carelessness and overload in the container may lead to a burst of liquid and create a mesh around a kitchen which becomes very much difficult for you to clean.


Some blenders can be easily heated in less time which can create furthermore consequences. Fast Heating of blenders also destroys the nutrients of the items.

Conclusion :

A blender is a kitchen item having various uses with many advantages as well as some drawbacks. Therefore you need to consider all the features related to blenders so that you can choose an ideal blender for your kitchen. We tried to mention all the popular points regarding blender use and controversy. If you are an experienced kitchen professional or a specialist and know more about the blenders, you can mention it in the feedback. we’ll be glad to get more useful information from you.
We like to end our short article here. Hope all this information was useful for you. We have also explained every term in a very simple and understanding language. If you have more curiosity regarding blenders then you can visit our main website and get your answer.

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