Does blending destroy insoluble fiber | 5 Myth Of Destroying Fiber and Nutrients

Does blending destroy insoluble fiber It’s a most debated topic whether blending destroys the nutrients or insoluble fibers from the food ingredients or not?

You may also have heard a lot of rumors and myths that blending destroys all the nutrients from the fruits or vegetables and they mostly say it is better to consume the whole fruit freshly to obtain all the fibers. Well, that’s not true.

Firstly you need to know that it depends on the blending method whether you’re blending or juicing as some juicing machines destroy the fibers instantly where it is a bit different with blending machines. The destruction of fibers is mainly affected by the extraction process of the machines. 


Nutrients are the very important minerals/vitamins which are necessary for our body to provide us energy and antioxidants. According to experts, the loss of nutrients is due to the oxidation process that occurs while blending. Well, it’s true that blending destroys the nutrients but it does not destroy all the nutrients or fiber in your ingredients so the loss is not that severe. Breaking down of nutrient particles and destruction of nutrients are two different things so we need to understand the concept clearly. 

The cell wall of food ingredients breaks down during the blending process and as a result, the nutrients of food are exposed to oxygen which causes the nutrients in food to diminish/degrade. The longer time you blend, the more nutrients you lose as the machine also starts to heat up.


Fiber is an important nutrient that helps us in proper digestion and regulates our sugar level. There are two types of fibers: soluble and insoluble fibers. Soluble fibers help lower the glucose level and blood cholesterol where insoluble fiber helps in regular digestion.

When you blend the ingredients, you are breaking down the insoluble fibers but not destroying it. So the fibers present in the ingredients are still available in the smoothie though not all the fibers. 

But it’s not like the same amount of fiber you get from a whole fruit after blending it. 

Effect of storing

Storing the juice/smoothie for a long period of time surely puts an impact on the quality of the liquid. So you need to strictly remember the longer you store the liquid, the more fibers/nutrients you lose as the breakdown still occurs after exposure to oxygen. Storing for a longer period of time results in loss of 20-25% of remaining nutrients.

So you need to drink the smoothie/juice as soon as possible after blending to obtain all the fibers and nutrients present in the drinks.

The difference in fiber presence after blending and juicing:

Blending and juicing are the prior options for creating smoothies or any kind of juice or drinks. Both appliances have different mechanisms of functioning. 

Juicing a fruit or vegetable in a juicer gives you a thin and concentrated liquid where the liquid part is separated from the pulp or fiber. It provides you a low-fiber juice in a smaller amount compared to the amount of smoothie. 

Blending any fruit or vegetables, you get to consume the whole fruit with the pulps and all the fibers. The smoothie is thick and smooth and retains the fiber that fills your appetite and helps you in better digestion. 

So to get more of any fibers or nutrients it’s better to blend the fruit/vegetable and drink it. But if you are on a low-fiber diet it’s better for you to juice the ingredient. 

Summary: Does blending destroy insoluble fiber 

It was the most raised question that either blending destroys the insoluble fibers present in the fruits or not?

The answer is: Yes, the fibers in the food ingredients are surely destroyed after blending though the loss is not that severe. Still, it’s better to drink your smoothie as soon as possible. 


We tried to clear the myth regarding the destruction of insoluble fibers after blending in a short and concise language so it’ll be easier for you to understand the concept of nutritional breakdown though you’re not an expert in the field. We hope the provided information was helpful and understandable. You can visit our website topblender for more information.

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