How long do smoothies last in the fridge || Know Long Will Your smoothies Remain Fresh

How long do smoothies last in the fridge Smoothies are the worldwide popular grab and go breakfast, lunch, or snack as we don’t need any cooking or baking procedure. It is a healthy and delicious drink anyone can prepare for themselves. We don’t need any special recipes or cooking or dirtying dishes.

Whether you are in a hurry and forgot to grab breakfast or don’t feel like cooking anything, smoothies can be the best option out there. Just put the ingredients in any of the standard blenders and whirl for 60 seconds and your nutritious and tasty is ready to consume. As smoothie alone cannot be enough for your belly to fill up, you can grab some quick snacks or nuts prepared in advance.

Smoothies, full or nutrients are the perfect way of starting your morning when you are health conscious or on a diet. You get enough healthy fruits and vegetables to keep you active and fresh all day long. You don’t need to consume an extra amount of fruits for nourishment. Smoothies can work as a lifesaver when your children avoid eating fruits and healthy vegetables.

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How to preserve smoothies for a long time?

How long do smoothies last in the fridge

Smoothies are tastier if eaten fresh. But sometimes we don’t be able to complete the full jar so we need to preserve it for later. Also in some circumstances, we like to have smoothies from time to time twice or thrice in a day but it is not always joyful to blend again and again with the same noise in a day, so the best option is to prepare a full jar and save it for later use.

Now the question is how to save a smoothie for a long time?

As we all know, The best and simplest way of preserving your food for later is refrigerating or freezing. But you need to be careful to prevent oxidation that will help you keep your smoothie fresh in the refrigerator. 

You need to follow these steps to prevent oxidation in your food: 

  • Whenever you prepare the double batch of your smoothie or drink, remember to store them in the container having an airtight lid so there’s no way for air to go inside. Also, Make sure there is no way of any kind of leakage just in case. 
  • Don’t forget to fill the container to the very top so as to prevent the air from being trapped inside. When you fill your smoothie/juice to the top, there will not remain any space for air to stay as the air trapped inside too promotes oxidation.
  • You can add lemon juice or any citric fruit juice to your smoothie or juice. The extra vitamin C provided from them helps in preventing oxidation too.
  • Seal the container tightly and store it in the refrigerator. Check if your lid is placed correctly or not to make sure it is closed tightly. And you are done in preserving your smoothie for later. Now you can enjoy your drink as fresh as you want anytime. 

How long do smoothies last in the fridge?

The fruits or vegetables start to lose their nutrients after the moment they are chopped or blended and the cell walls start breaking down. You cannot stop this phenomenon so it is always a better option to drink your smoothie or juice right away. But the conditions are not favorable all the time and you need to have your smoothie preserved in the fridge. Still, with the solution of refrigerating, there arise more other questions regarding nutrients loss and degradation of smoothie. So in this article below we have listed the answers to your most asked questions about it. They are based on proper research and relevant facts. So, without any further delay let’s get into it.

Do the fruits/Vegetables lose all their nutrients when frozen?

In some cases, it depends on the ingredients or fruits you are using to make your smoothie. The ripened fruits are more likely to lose their nutrients after being blended, so such ingredients will end up losing all the nutrients when frozen. 

But it is not necessarily true in all cases. You can add citrus juices or try several other methods to prevent the oxidation and loss of nutrients. So you can enjoy your nutritious smoothie even after freezing though the amount of nutrition does not remain the same as it was when blended.

How long do the smoothies last in the fridge??

Freezing is the best way of preserving your smoothie/drinks for the Future.  In today’s generation, most of people prefer raw and fresh items rather than cooking due to low fat/calories and more nutrients contained in them. The delicious way of taking nutrients from raw fruits/Vegetables is by preparing juice or smoothies. People prefer smoothies in most cases as it prepares faster than juices and also doesn’t leave any wastage.

Generally, smoothies last longer than juices while frozen. So, how long do the smoothies last in the fridge? Usually, the smoothies last almost 24 hours in the fridge where they last up to 48 hours when green veggies are used. The degradation of smoothie quality is due to the oxidation process that occurs while freezing it so you can prevent that process following the few steps mentioned above.

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As many people were curious about how long smoothies last in the fridge, we tried to solve your curiosity with some extra tips and tricks to preserve them longer. Smoothies are a great source of nutrition and refrigerating is the only best way of keeping it fresh for hours. Smoothies last up to a few hours if it’s simply placed in the fridge but if you take necessary cautions to prevent oxidation then definitely you’ll be able to preserve them longer. 

We always focus on short and concise writing so we hope the article was readable and easy to understand. We are grateful that the information was helpful for you and you can visit our main website Topblenders for more queries. 

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