How To Clean A Ninja Blender Base || Easy Way To Clean Your Blender

How to clean a ninja blender base Cleaning is the only task we hate when it comes to daily kitchen chores and whenever it’s the electric appliances, we feel risky and boring. So as a result, we end up with dirty appliances kept for a week and more. Well, you may have understood that it’s not only your home problem. You may have got different electrical kitchen appliances in your home. We also cannot keep complaining and procrastinating on the cleaning job. 

Ninja blender is one of the kitchen appliances which is popularly used for blending in many households. They are widely used for blending and other pulverizing purposes. The lifespan of your appliances depends on the care and maintenance you provide to them. The more you maintain them, they work fiercely as new. So you may have understood why cleaning is important.

Still cleaning is a boring and time-wasting chore for most of us. But in this article, we have listed easy and time saving tips to clean your ninja blender which can be done in very little time with the items easily available in your house. The tips can be useful for other kitchen appliances as they all work with the help of electricity and a motor in their base. 

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Why is cleaning your appliance necessary?

How to clean a Ninja Blender base

Cleaning is a basic task to keep your appliance clean and well maintained. It gives you different benefits, which you need to know if you are a lazy fox in cleaning chores. Below, We have listed a few benefits of cleaning your appliances daily and the importance of doing it. So without any further delay, let’s get started:

1.Increase Lifespan:

Although the high end blenders like blendtec and vitamix provide you with impressive warranty periods, standard blenders like ninja come with 1-year warranty.

But it is a universal fact that anything maintained with love and care lasts for a longer time. In this case too, if you tend to clean and maintain your appliance on a regular basis, it will increase the lifespan of your appliance more than the warranty period for sure.

2.Avoid the risk of bacteria:

It doesn’t take your ninja blender a long time to get clogged with different kinds of ingredients and start developing various bacterias.So, cleaning your blender on a regular basis will also reduce the risk of bacteria building up over time. Everyone is definitely concerned about their and their family’s health. 

3.Unirruptional function :

When the leftover food ingredients are stuck between the blades and other parts, the blender gets clogged and interrupted while operating it which may not be much enjoyable.

Hence, cleaning facilitates you with the unirruptional function and lets you operate your blender without any difficulty and frustration. 

4.Maintain its efficiency:

In the course of time, everything starts losing energy and efficiency due to constant use and Performance. But Proper cleaning and maintenance after every use of your blender help to maintain its efficiency and performance power. 

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How to clean your ninja blender’s different parts?

Ninja blenders are recommended to be cleaned daily to stay in good shape and condition. But if you have just bought your blender, you may not have the actual idea of cleaning your blender. 

In this article we have listed very simple and easy steps to follow while cleaning your blender parts and base. The tips also may be useful for cleaning any other blenders you got.  

Before cleaning your ninja blender, you need to dismantle the parts from the base so that they can be washed separately because the base cannot be cleaned with water or a dishwasher. All the parts like the jar, blades, lid, etc. should be separated from the base. Now they are ready to be cleaned.

How to clean a ninja blender’s blades?

Cleaning the blades of your ninja blender is not an easy task as the blades are very sharp. It is not secure to clean them bare hands,so you can put any type of hand gloves for protection and keep a safe distance with blades to avoid accidents. 

The blades are considered as dishwasher safe but they still recommend hand wash in their user manual. So, you can clean them by brushing the blades with any dishwashing brush soaked in white vinegar or soapy water. Brush them until they seem to be completely clean and rinse with clear water. 

How to clean a ninja blender’s jar?

The cups of ninja blender allow us to drink the smoothies directly from the cup. They are the parts which are most frequently in touch with ingredients so it is very important to keep them clean.

You can wash your blender cups by following different methods but we prefer the most relevant and quick method. First fill the half cup with warm water,add 4-5 drops of liquid detergent and blend it away until the cup is thoroughly clean. Then you can rinse it with cold water and let it dry naturally.

How to clean a ninja blender lid?

Cleaning the ninja blender’s lid is like a piece of cake.

Firstly, soak your lid in warm soapy water for a few minutes. Then take a brush, and start rubbing the lid with it carefully and thoroughly; inside and outside covering all the areas. After that, you can rinse it with cold water and wipe it or leave it dry naturally.

How to clean the ninja blender’s base?

The blender’s base is considered to be the main part of the blender which consist of motors and other manuals. This is also the reason the ninja blender base cannot be cleaned with soap or water. So what can be the solution? Well, you can use several easy and efficient tips to clean your blender base.

Firstly make sure the blender is disconnected from the electric power source. Then you can wipe the base thoroughly with a clean damp kitchen towel/cloth carefully. Avoid using water or any kind of soap for the base. You can clean the area of manual buttons with a dry brush.


How To Clean A Ninja Blender Base Many people are new to the ninja blender and its maintenance process. So keeping them in consideration, we have prepared this article especially to guide you. As we focus on short and concise writing, Hopefully, the article was readable and understandable and helped you to learn How To Clean A Ninja Blender Base. We feel helpful for new ideas and tips regarding the cleaning of your ninja blender. You can visit our main website for more queries.

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