How to make a smoothie thicker? ||10 Simple Tips to make smoothies thicker

How to make a smoothie thicker A thick creamy and silky smoothie is what you want to grab early in the morning for breakfast. It is just a get-set go breakfast that is easy and super fast to make and super delicious. You don’t need to waste much time and effort to prepare it and you can make it with any fruits and other ingredients you have in your kitchen. 

But the question is if this is so simple as said, where does it go wrong? As many of you may have experienced, the smoothies result in being too watery and plain apart from expectations. So, what are the reasons behind it and how can we make a perfect smoothie?

If you are a health-conscious person or any regular smoothie lover, you too may have keened for the perfect smoothie to start your morning. We found lots of consumers asking the ways and measures to make the perfect thick smoothies so they can be satisfying as expected and you can enjoy your morning like a crown. So in this article, we are giving you some very useful and important tips that can save your whole life from going to waste in bad watery smoothies so let’s learn How to make a smoothie thicker.  

Firstly let’s get started with how and when things go wrong while making smoothies which is very important to know for creating a balanced and silky smoothie.

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10 Simple Tips to make smoothies thicker

If you are a health conscious person or any regular smoothie lover, getting a perfect smoothie every morning to start your day feels very heavenly. Getting a thick and smooth smoothie is still a desire for most of them out there. 

A thick and silky smoothie starts with a quality smoothie recipe and perfect blending. So we have provided you with 10 different easy to apply tips and tricks by which you can get the perfect desired smoothie. The given methods are very simple and quick but very smart to apply. So without any further delay, let’s get into it.

1.Avoid using only juicy fruits:

Fruits like strawberry, orange, pineapple, watermelon, grapes,etc. are considered to be the most moist fruits which contain a very high amount of Liquid in them compared to the flesh present inside.

Using only such ingredients automatically results in making your smoothie watery and thin due to all the water and less flesh so avoiding them and switching to other fleshy fruits and vegetables can be more beneficial. 

2.Use fruits that can thicken your smoothie:

It is fruitful to take advantage of fleshy fruits that contain less amount of water such as bananas and thick avocados. It indirectly adds a large amount of protein with a thick texture to your smoothie.

Using them gives you a denser, creamier and healthier smoothie so don’t hesitate to try this trick. They can also be used as taste adjusters. 

3.Freeze the ingredients overnight:

Freezing the fruits and other ingredients adds a special flavor to your smoothie and also you can get an ice-cold smoothie in less time suitable for summer.

This method is mostly practiced for almond milk, coconut milk, and citrus fruits that avoid your smoothie getting watery although after using juicy ingredients. You can also freeze the fruits like mango and bananas to get a strong thick smoothie.  You can demonstrate this method yourself today and enjoy the amazing results. 

4.Add high-fiber veggies:

Adding core vegetables such as spinach, carrot, chickpeas, beans, etc can be used for vegan smoothies that can help you get a real thick smoothie containing high protein and nutrition. 

You get tasty, thick, and healthy smoothies with nutritional benefits. Using such ingredients in your smoothie can give a great whirl of delightful taste and experience so don’t forget to try it once. 

5.Add ice cubes:

If you are on a diet and want a thick smoothie without adding extra fat or calories, adding ice cubes to your smoothie can be helpful.

You can make the ice cubes with any liquid ingredients you like such as coconut water, milk, and others. But remember to add your ice cubes before blending other ingredients which can give your drink a smooth thick touch.

6.Add protein powder:

Protein powders have the ultimate ability to thicken up your smoothie. You can use any protein based ingredients or readymade protein powder for this purpose.

If you are using any other protein-based ingredients other than powders then remember to blend them properly with some liquid before blending any other ingredients. It will give you a super thick and perfect consistency texture to your smoothie.

7.Add a scoop of raw oats or chia seeds: 

Chia seeds can be used as a natural thickener with extra protein and fiber, omega-3, etc.  The seeds absorb the liquid present in your smoothie in no time. You can wait for 2-3 minutes and you are done with a perfect texture smoothie. 

Oats are the most popular source of protein and fiber which can also play a great role to give you the thick smoothie texture you desire for. And the most amazing part is you can add them raw without having to cook them. 

8.Add nut kinds of butter:

Adding nut butter to your smoothie is another simple trick to get a thick smoothie. You can easily get varieties of nuts available in the market so you can get any of your favorite flavors as you wish.

But you need to consider your blender blade’s ability whether it is capable of crushing hard nuts or not and also you need to be very careful with the number of nuts you are adding as they contain many fats and calories.

9.Add yogurt:

Adding any other liquid ingredients may not give you the desired and satisfying results, that’s when yogurt plays the lead role for you. It is naturally thicker than other ingredients so it automatically adds that thickness to your smoothie.

It is more beneficial if you can get yourself the greek yogurt which can give extra thickness and taste to your drink. Though it is not a problem to use a regular yogurt that is locally available. 

10.Use less amount of water:

The amount of liquid you need to blend any ingredients depends upon the kind of blender you have. You don’t need more liquid to blend perfectly with infancy and high end blenders.

But if you don’t have such blenders, you may require to add an extra amount of water to blend your smoothie that automatically ruins your smoothie texture. In that case, you can use any other alternatives among the ones mentioned above.


The given ideas and methods regarding How to make a smoothie thicker are based on carefully tested results and relevant facts so you can apply them without hesitation following proper procedures.

We mostly focus on short and concise writing which is relevant, readable, and easily understandable. We hope the provided information was useful and did enhance a bit of your knowledge. You can visit our main website for more information and queries.



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