Nutribullet prime 1000 w system review

Nutribullet prime 1000 w system review If you are thinking of buying the great Nutribullet prime 1000 w system you need to know some basic information about it before making the decision. Therefore to make your task easier we collected some basic facts related to the Nutribullet prime, so you can just scroll through our article and learn something which will help you know whether it fits your criteria or not and make your decision.

NutriBullet 1000 Watt

Sub Title

  • Effortlessly pulverizes fruits
  • Powerful 
  • Easy to clean

Overview of Nutribullet 1000 w system

Nutribullet prime 1000 w, the new compact powerhouse blender with a very powerful 1000w motor, redesigned blades, and cups which can be your very helpful kitchen assistant facilitating you to process various cooking ingredients.

This powerful 1000 watt motor effortlessly blends Vegetables, fruit, protein shakes, and frozen foods as well in no seconds. It takes the powerful blender less than 60 seconds to blend any ingredients. Therefore, you no longer need to worry about the nutrients in your smoothie. 

It has got a simple and innovative design which is featured for you to operate the blender in just one click. You just need to push, twist & blend and it’s done in just one blow. It’s that easy. The blades are designed for nutrient extractors which means you get the most of the nutrients out of every ingredient.  

It’s also popular because of its versatility. Though it is perfect for creating slinky and super smooth smoothies, there are a lot more recipes it can blend such as milkshake, mayonnaise, sauce dip, vegetable puree, and many more. But you need to consider that the containers are not made for hot liquids. 

Product information
Product Dimensions7 x 16.5 x 15 inches
Item Weight10 pounds
Customer Reviews4.7 out of 5 stars
Best Sellers Rank#15,150 in Kitchen & Dining

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Features of Nutribullet prime 1000 w system

Below are the features of the nutribullet prime blender so you can study it more thoroughly. They are briefly described to help you understand better. 

1.Pre-programmed autocycle :

This nutribullet prime blender is equipped with a pre-programmed autocycle that shuts off automatically after maximum nutrient extraction which is a time duration of 60 seconds

Unlike other standard blenders and juicers, Nutribullet nutrient extractor blades break down the cell walls of the added ingredients emitting important nutrients present inside. This feature enables you to preserve the nutrients from getting fully destroyed and gain full vitamins and minerals of the food. 


This blender has got a very high power motor which is 1000 w. This power enables the blade to rotate 25,000 cyclonic rounds per minute which are enough to crush and grind any ingredients into pieces. 

The motor energy passed to the sharp blades shreds the tough vegetable peel, seeds, and frozen foods skin very easily. This highly powered motor requires no much time and effort to chop down all the ingredients with just one click. 


Pulse is an excellent feature that allows you to blend the ingredients at preferable consistency and won’t pulverize completely. You can make chunky salsa or salad by following the right procedure.

To use the pulse feature on Nutribullet prime, just push down and twist the cap. You shouldn’t lock the container into its position. But you should consider not using the pulse frequently as it’s not so good for motor lifespan. 


The nutribullet prime comes with three different cups, the first one is the 28-ounce cup which is designed to keep the drinks cold up to 8 hours and the other two are colossal 32-ounce cups having one handle. 

The 28-ounce cups can be used for single servings and 32-ounce for friends to get together. You don’t need to worry about blending again and again for your friend, your 32-ounce cup is enough for making smoothies for you and your friend. 


All the parts of the nutribullet prime are basically washable and dishwasher safe though except for the base and blade assembly. The base still can be cleaned with a wet cloth.

The blade assembly should be rinsed and brushed with soap right after use to ensure no food residue remains or buildup around the blade or container. Other parts like cups and lids can be washed up with a regular method.

Pros and cons of Nutribullet prime 1000 w

We don’t need to state that not any of the machines or man-made things are perfect or don’t have any flaws. So, this Nutribullet prime 1000 w also has several pros with few cons which we are listing below.

  • 1.Auto shut-off feature
  • 2.Optimum nutrient extraction
  • 3. Quiet operation
  • 4.Simple on/off twist design
  • 5.Easy to use
  • 6.BPA-free
  • 1.May smell hot electrical smell off the motor
  • 2.Not a juicer
  • 3.Not able to process hot liquid.
  • 4.Only 1 year warranty

Video Review Of Nutribullet prime 1000 w system

What should you consider before buying a Nutribullet prime 1000 w blender?

NutriBullets produce good smoothies, easily processing fresh and frozen fruit, as well as vegetables such as cucumber, celery, and green spinach in very little time. Yet there are few things you need to consider before buying Nutribullet prime 1000 w blender. 

You cannot make juice as juicers in Nutribullet prime as juicers extract the liquid from fruits and Vegetables and discard the pulp, nutribullet prime liquifies the whole fruit or vegetable.

Nutribullet prime is not capable of processing hot liquids or soups as the cups are completely sealed so the pressure and heat have nowhere to escape, which could result in hot liquid exploding out of the blender, resulting in serious injuries.

Nutribullet prime can blend ice only if there is enough liquid in the container, but still, they have no problem processing frozen food or tough ingredients. 

Using the blender continuously for a longer period of time may result in producing a hot electrical smell which can be an alarm or warning. So you better turn off your blender and let the motor cool itself. 

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This article includes some basic information regarding the Nutribullet 1000 w blender which is necessary for you to know before making your decision of buying any blending appliance. We focus on short and concise writing which is easier to understand. We hope the provided information was useful for you. For more blender reviews check our website Topblender.

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